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The Proud History of the 'Mighty Bears'


The Beacon Hill Bears Junior Rugby League Football Club was created in 1983.


The founding members were breakaways from the Beacon Hill Youth Club who felt that the Rugby League members of the Youth Club who felt they would fare better on their own as a stand alone Club.


Over the past 40 years, Beacon Hill has made a strong standing in Rugby League on the Northern Beaches and has enjoyed much success and seen many of our players in both the Junior and Senior grades go on to achieve great things in Rugby League.


What has been fantastic is seeing the success of former players and then seeing them return with their children and now grandchildren to Beacon Hill Oval and watch their involvement in the Club continue throughout the generations.

In 2019, Beacon Hill Bears became the second club to be awarded a Blue Shield Club status, of which we are exceptionally proud.


President: Grant Jennings

Vice President: Bonnie Lussick

Registrar: Hannah Berkhout

Ground Manager: Jason May

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