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COVID-19 Information


Beacon Hill Bears are excited to start the season with training kicking off on Wednesday 24th June at 5pm, with Round 1 on Saturday 18th July.

This year will see a change to the way the kids train, play and spectators watch the matches.  All 106,000 junior league football players and their families will be required to adhere to the guidelines to ensure we remain COVID-19 compliant and can give our kids a game this season.

Return to training and playing will be rolled out in different "Steps" and return to training constitutes Step 1. 


The regulations regarding step 1 are:

1. Training activity can be conducted in groups of no more than 20

2. Anyone with flu-like symptom should NOT attend 

3. Body contact and tackling is NOT permitted

4. Where possible, maintain a distance of 1.5m when training 

5. Only essential spectators are permitted.  One parent/guardian per child

6. Players should be prepared for training prior to arrival - boots on, dressed in training gear etc

7. An attendance register for all attendees needs to be maintained for each training and game day 

8. Beacon Hill Bears COVID-19 Safety Officer - Adam Darsley is responsible for ensuring our COVID-19 Safety Plan is implemented.

NSWRL has also determined that there will be modifications to our competition as a result of COVID-19 impacts.  For the full list of modifications, please view them online here.   


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